CONNECTING, KNOWING, LOVING, and GROWING is what we're about at Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Durham.  We seek to connect with God and one another; to know more about God, each other, and the needs of our world; to love God through worship and to love our neighbor through service; and to grow as disciples of

Jesus Christ as a faithful community called "the church".  

Please come and discover what it is God is doing in this place at Aldersgate UMC in Durham.  May we become part of the discovery and wonder God has in store for you these days. You are welcome here just as you are, no questions asked.  We seek to be part of the Body of Christ here and now in this part of Durham, North Carolina.  You are a gift of God to the world.  We welcome your presence here.

Come as you are . . .    Welcome Home

Our home at Aldergate is in God. If you are looking for a church for all ages, have never been to church, or making a transition in your life and need a place to call home, we invite you to be part of the exciting things happening here at Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Durham, NC.