• Serving at Aldersgate

    At Aldersgate we believe that every person has special talents. Some have the talent of voice. Some have talent to play musical instruments. Some have the gift to stand in front of others to make a presentation or to teach. Others have the talent of compassion, cooking or technology. Each talent that a person has is a gift from God. Our inner being is related to our Creator, the giver of life and all our abilities. As we receive these gifts from God, we are directed by Him to develop and use them for the growth of His Kingdom.  

    What are the talents and skills you believe God is leading you to share? At Aldersgate United Methodist Church there are many opportunities to use your gifts to God’s glory. For more information contact: info@aldersgate.org.

  • Project Agape in Armenia

    Project Agape in Armenia The North Carolina Conference has adopted Project AGAPE Christmas Boxes for the children of Armenia as a conference-wide mission project. These simple gift boxes brought smiles to the faces of children, raised the morale of parents, and generated thanks to God that someone remembered them on Christmas, one the holiest days of the year. For more information about this mission at Aldersgate contact: Charlotte Obrien: charlotteobrien61@yahoo.com

  • The Guatemala Sewing Mission

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    The Guatemala Sewing Mission began in 1987. A school evolved from the purchase of a single foot pedal Singer sewing machine. Thru the school, hundreds of women have acquired valuable sewing skills. In addition to the school in San Juan Ostuncalco, a second school has recently opened in the remote village of Las Barrancas. The purpose of the mission is to provide women in the Western Highlands of Guatemala the opportunity to learn a skill so that they will be able to help support their families. Guatemala has the 4th highest rate of chronic malnutrition in the world. For more information about this mission at Aldersgate contact: Anne Finch: annefinch001@gmail.com

  • The Jamaica Mission Teams

    The Jamaica Mission Teams have been traveling to Jamaica to serve God through mission work in St. Thomas Parrish and the communities of Peartree River, Johnstown and Yallahs since 2003. From rebuilding hurricane damaged churches to new community centers, schools and libraries the impact from sharing the love of God on the people of Jamaica is amazing. For more information about this mission at Aldersgate contact Stacey McCorison: stacey.mccorison@duke.edu

  • Sacred Stitches

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    SACRED STITCHES PRAYER MINISTRY seeks to share compassion, care and God's love with others through needle arts creation. We make prayer shawls, prayer cloths, baby blankets and hats, "care shawls" for Hospice patients, bra inserts for breast cancer patients, and cross-stitched bookmarks. We meet on the first Sunday of each month at 4:00 pm in the Wesley Room. If you have questions, you may contact Susan Parham at parham.susan@gmail.com or Susan Leonard at susanleonard26@gmail.com.

  • Urban Ministries

    Urban Ministries - is a Community Shelter in Durham that is home to more than 6,000 people per year. Aldersgate provides food and clothing through out the year. For more information contact: April Twine: april.twine@frontier.com

  • Families Moving Forward

     Families Moving Forward is an emergency shelter for homeless families in Durham.  It provides a safe place to live while   each family looks for a job and permanent housing. Our church partners with Temple Baptist and the congregation of Duke Chapel to prepare and serve dinner on a rotating basis 4 or 5 times each year.  

    On Monday nights, we will be providing part of the meal for 50 people. On Thursday nights, we will provide the entire meal for about 15 people. We are seeking AUMC members to cook and serve food and assist with child care for newborn to 5-year-old children for 1 hour each night (6:30 till 7:30). We need child care helpers both Monday & Thursday nights.

    You can also assist the families by donating items such as paper products, toilet tissue, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and laundry supplies for a BARREL OF JOY. Please bring your donations to the church at any time and put them in the closet across from the Wesley room.

    If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please call or email Mary Taylor at 919-225-0528 (cell) or mary@aldersgate.org.

  • Circles of Love

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    The Circles of Love Ministry provides Christian witness tools to share God’s love one circle at a time. This ministry provides an opportunity to share God’s love by wearing, making, and sharing necklaces and bracelets made into circles of love. These circles of love will be used in conversation about Jesus, to share the gift of presence and celebrate in God’s creative gift to us, and invite others to spread God’s love by making and sharing the Circles of Love. These items are anointed with prayer and associated with scripture before sharing the items. The Circles of Love Community will encourage others to share this ministry and continue to spread God’s circle of love. The Circles of Love Community continues to expand one person at a time by teaching, witnessing, and sharing God's love with items that form circles of love. Circles of Love Ministry sponsors classes on how to make and share the circles of love items; Trinity necklaces, bracelets, Trinity bell necklaces, love clips, mission packets and prayer partner packets. The Circles of Love Ministry was created in 2013 and is sponsored by A.U.M.C and the North Carolina United Methodist Youth Service Fund. Please contact circlesoflove316@gmail.com

  • The Haiti Mission Team

    The Haiti Mission Team began in 2010. The medical mission trip encompasses two aspect of health care, general medical care and vision evaluation and glasses distribution. For more information about this mission at Aldersgate contact the church office: 919-477-0509.

  • Conduit * Oxford Manor

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    CONDUIT is a coalition of seven churches in northern Durham that joinied together in 1988 to focus on the residents of Oxford Manor Public Housing. CONDUIT helps support school supplies, Chrismtas gifts, outside enrichment programs and after school tutoring program. For more information about this mission at Aldersgate contact Lee King: leebbtexking@frontier.com

  • Community Backpack Ministry

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    Teaming with area churches, the Community Backpack Ministry provides food and support for students at Riverside High School in Durham, NC. For more information about this ministry, please contact Paula Veasey at geeveasey@aol.com.