Good morning beautiful people of Aldersgate. Well, we were spared the brunt of hurricane Florence, but our sisters and brothers east of us were not. Wind and water have devastated much of eastern North Carolina. Most of us have relationships with those who experienced the wrath of Florence. To be sure, we have been in prayer for Pastors Doug and Tara Lain who are appointed in Wilmington, and who are former pastors at Aldersgate. Our district will be connecting with the Harbor District, where Doug and Tara are pastors, to help with hurricane recovery.

United Methodists know our Lord through grace, and because of this, we are a ‘doing’ people. We want to know how we can help. I am sure we have been praying and will continue to do so. Immediately, the best way to help beyond our prayers is through finances and resources for daily needs. Bishop Hope Morgan Ward has asked that pastors provide congregations with information about giving financially and providing hygiene kits and cleaning supplies (flood buckets). You will find this information below.

A word about financial giving. Giving through Aldersgate or through the North Carolina Conference will assure that 100% of your money will go directly to hurricane relief. There are no administrative fees when giving through the church or the Conference.

Click on the three links below: 

Gifts can be made online

If you choose to give financially during worship, rather than online, write ‘Florence’ in the memo line. If you choose to make hygiene kits or flood buckets, closely follow the directions. Bring these items to Aldersgate and place them in the Wesley Room and we will make sure they get to a distribution center. You may want to make these kits and buckets with a group that you are connected with at Aldersgate (Sunday School Class, Youth Group, Choir, United Methodist Men, Women’s Ministries, etc.) We may be able to provide an opportunity to make hygiene kits and flood buckets as the larger church family. There is something about doing ministry with others that helps deepen our faith in God and that nurtures our relationships with one another.

I repeat what I said Sunday morning, recovery from Florence will not be a sprint. It is a marathon. So, our prayers and help will be ongoing with those who are hurting from this hurricane. Let us not forget to pray for our first responders and those who put themselves in harm’s way to offer assistance to those in need.

I know Aldersgate to be a gracious people and I consider myself fortunate, as I know the rest of our church staff does, to be a part of a congregation who, when there is need, does not hesitate to act. Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters affected by Florence.


Pastor Bryan