Aldersgate Is......

At Aldersgate United Methodist Church we are CONNECTING, KNOWING, LOVING, GROWING.

Our vision is to Connect with God and one another. Know more about God, each other, and the needs of our world. Love God through worship, and love our neighbor through service and Grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, as a faithful community call "the church".

Who We Are

We are the people of the United Methodist Church. Our world wide mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. 

We think....the church should unconditionally be everywhere. 

We think...God is big enough to handle all.

We is more than a place to go. 

We can happen anywhere.

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Church doesn't just happen when we're sitting in the pew.

Church happens when we reach out to those who are

hungry, sick, or forgotten. When we work together to end

disease and relieve suffering, when we stand together for

justice and inclusion, and when we open our hearts to

those who are struggling, that's putting beliefs into action.

That's what it means to RETHINK CHURCH.