At Aldersgate we believe that every person has special talents. Some have the talent of voice. Some have talent to play musical instruments. Some have the gift to stand in front of others to make a presentation or to teach. Others have the talent of compassion, cooking or technology. Each talent that a person has is a gift from God. Our inner being is related to our Creator, the giver of life and all our abilities. As we receive these gifts from God, we are directed by Him to develop and use them for the growth of His Kingdom.  

    What are the talents and skills you believe God is leading you to share? At Aldersgate United Methodist Church there are many opportunities to use your gifts to God’s glory. For more information contact: info@aldersgate.org

  • Bolivia Missions

    Holly Hogarth and Regina Whitaker will be joining the Fuquay Varina United Methodist, 2018 Bolivian Mission Team to Montero, Bolivia from July 13 –July 20, 2018. The mission team leader, Faith Stephenson’s grandfather began  work in  Montero ,Bolivia 23 years ago. They will be landing in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and staying in Montero, Bolivia and working in a Guarani village. The natives grow sugar cane and other crops that provide some income.  The villages are about 45 minute drive from the city of Montero. 


    The team will be worshiping with the Bolivian Methodist at Cristo Ombero, as well as visiting outpatients with the Red Cross, a girls and boys orphanage , organize and led a Vacation Bible School for the Guarani children, and  help  build a 2 room house in the Guarani village. They also will be sending prescription and reader glasses.


    In prior years, FVUMC  built houses in two villages.The houses are usually 2 rooms, divided the way the family request.  The village leaders decide who needs the homes the most. The new homes replace the traditional mud and thatch huts that are health and safety problems due to bug infestations that cause disease, fire and flooding. The new houses are elevated to prevent flooding, built from brick and clay blocks with tin roofs. FVUMC donated $4500 to cover the cost of our construction materials.


    One of the  major languages of South America, spoken by nearly five million people in Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina is Tupi-Guarani. In fact, more than two-thirds of the population of Paraguay are speakers of Guarani, most of whom are fully bilingual in Guarani and Spanish. There are significant differences between Paraguayan Guarani and the Guarani dialects spoken in other regions, and some linguists consider them separate languages. 


    Please be in prayer for Holly, Regina and the 2018 Bolivia Mission Team.


  • Families Moving Forward


    Families Moving Forward is an emergency shelter for homeless families in Durham.  It provides a safe place to live while   each family looks for a job and permanent housing. 

    Our church partners with Temple Baptist and the congregation of Duke Chapel to prepare and serve dinner on a rotating basis 4 or 5 times each year.  

    Our next opportunities to serve will be on Monday, Oct 8 and  Thursday, Oct 11, as well as Monday, December 10 and Thursday, December 13.  

    On Monday nights, we will be providing part of the meal for 50 people. On Thursday nights, we will provide the entire meal for about 15 people. We are seeking AUMC members to cook and serve food and assist with child care for newborn to 5-year-old children for 1 hour each night (6:30 till 7:30). We need child care helpers both Monday & Thursday nights.

    You can also assist the families by donating items such as paper products, toilet tissue, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and laundry supplies for a BARREL OF JOY. Please bring your donations to the church at any time and put them in the closet across from the Wesley room.

    If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please call or email Mary Taylor at 919-225-0528 (cell) or mary@aldersgate.org.



    (Click on the photo to the left to see a video about this mission)

    The Guatemala Sewing Mission began in 1987. A school evolved from the purchase of a single foot pedal Singer sewing machine. Thru the school, hundreds of women have acquired valuable sewing skills. In addition to the school in San Juan Ostuncalco, a second school has recently opened in the remote village of Las Barrancas. The purpose of the mission is to provide women in the Western Highlands of Guatemala the opportunity to learn a skill so that they will be able to help support their families. Guatemala has the 4th highest rate of chronic malnutrition in the world. For more information about this mission at Aldersgate contact: Anne Finch: annefinch@nc.rr.com

  • Urban Ministries

    Urban Ministries - is a Community Shelter in Durham that is home to more than 6,000 people per year. Aldersgate provides food and clothing through out the year. For more information contact: April Twine: april.twine@frontier.com

  • conduit * oxford manor

    CONDUIT is a coalition of seven churches in northern Durham that joinied together in 1988 to focus on the residents of Oxford Manor Public Housing. CONDUIT helps support school supplies, Chrismtas gifts, outside enrichment programs and afterschool tutoring program. For more information about this mission at Aldersgate contact Lee King: leebbtexking@frontier.com


  • durham food pantry network

    Durham Food Pantry Network is a non-denominational network of Durham churches, businesses, schools and other organizations devoted to keeping pantries in Durham stocked with food and clothes. For more information about this mission at Aldersgate contact Paula Veasey: geeveasey@aol.com

  • The Jamaica Mission Teams

    The Jamaica Mission Teams have been traveling to Jamaica to serve God through mission work in St. Thomas Parrish and the communities of Peartree River, Johnstown and Yallahs since 2003. From rebuilding hurricane damaged churches to new community centers, schools and libraries the impact from sharing the love of God on the people of Jamaica is amazing. For more information about this mission at Aldersgate contact Stacey McCorison: stacey.mccorison@duke.edu


    The Haiti Mission Team began in 2010. The medical mission trip encompasses two aspect of health care, general medical care and vision evaluation and glasses distribution. For more information about this mission at Aldersgate contact April Perry: aprileperry042@hotmail.com


    Project Agape in Armenia The North Carolina Conference has adopted Project AGAPE Christmas Boxes for the children of Armenia as a conference-wide mission project. These simple gift boxes brought smiles to the faces of children, raised the morale of parents, and generated thanks to God that someone remembered them on Christmas, one the holiest days of the year. For more information about this mission at Aldersgate contact: Charlotte Obrien: charlotteobrien61@yahoo.com


    The Circles of Love Ministry provides Christian witness tools to share God’s love one circle at a time. This ministry provides an opportunity to share God’s love by wearing, making, and sharing necklaces and bracelets made into circles of love. These circles of love will be used in conversation about Jesus, to share the gift of presence and celebrate in God’s creative gift to us, and invite others to spread God’s love by making and sharing the Circles of Love. These items are anointed with prayer and associated with scripture before sharing the items. The Circles of Love Community will encourage others to share this ministry and continue to spread God’s circle of love. The Circles of Love Community continues to expand one person at a time by teaching, witnessing, and sharing God's love with items that form circles of love. Circles of Love Ministry sponsors classes on how to make and share the circles of love items; Trinity necklaces, bracelets, Trinity bell necklaces, love clips, mission packets and prayer partner packets. The Circles of Love Ministry was created in 2013 and is sponsored by A.U.M.C and the North Carolina United Methodist Youth Service Fund. Please contact circlesoflove316@gmail.com

  • Community backpack ministry

    Click on the photo to the left to see a video about this mission. 

    Teaming with area churches, the Community Backpack Ministry provides food and support for students at Riverside High School in Durham, NC. For more information about this ministry, please contact Paula Veasey at geeveasey@aol.com.


This year AUMC sent a team of nine (myself, April Perry, Regina Whitaker, Ethan Whitaker, Rob Hogarth, Jane Bahor, Virginia Crank, Diane Wingo, Caroline Sherman) to Haiti on a different kind of service trip than the usual. Our usual eye evaluation and medical care along with hygiene classes was momentarily replaced by vision screening and reading glasses, planting banana trees, helping to rebuild roofs and rebuilding a bridge. That last one for me gives new meaning to Isaiah 58:12 “Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age old foundations: you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with dwellings.”

The time in Haiti had a very distinct community feeling to it. We worked with Haitian boss men and apprentices to fix the roofs blown away months ago by Hurricane Matthew. We worked side by side with Haitian farmers who dug holes and instructed us on how to plant a banana tree. And then there is the bridge. The bridge is essential to the community of Sucrerie Henri as there is only one way in and one way out. The hurricane and recent rains eroded the center and half of the road that it connected to on both ends and one wall. One thought daily “hmm, I wonder if we will get stuck today or it’s raining, hope we get over that bridge.” Logistics are not always easy in Haiti and that’s where flexibility comes in. On a particularly slow day our team lead, April Perry, asked the local priest, Father Joseph, about the damaged bridge. He explained that they had no money in the community to fix it and no one could tell when or if the government would help. Further talks with him and a main boss man mason generated a plan. The team would help with the costs and work with the boss and some of his men, if they thought they could repair the bridge. The offer was accepted and our new adventure began.

Huge boulders needed to be moved into the large holes. This began with our team and the boss man’s crew and then young Haitian men and women in the village came to help. Then the children and the Gran Mouns, the elders. Each person doing their best to tote rocks, dig them up with a pick axe, move by hand or in a small bucket. We were all working together, not sharing a language but instinctively knowing what we needed to do to communicate with each other; smiling, gesturing where to put this rock or back up I’m throwing this. A Mack truck delivered boulders to supplement what we had, another arrived with a load of sand and another with gravel. The cement man gave us a good deal on twenty bags of cement each weighing 93 pounds. Three days of work resulted in a new wall for one side of the bridge, center areas patched looking like new and a smooth connection between the road and the bridge. Shaking the Boss Man’s hand as we were leaving gave me an incredible feeling of connection as we both smiled and commented on how good the bridge looked. 

Many thanks to the congregation of AUMC and the Weekday school for your essential prayers and financial assistance for this trip. You were there with us. You smiled at grandma as she put her small bucket of rocks into that huge hole, you were part of the prayers said by our eye team with each and every person they saw, you were part of the house blessings given when a roof was completed. You were a repairer of broken walls and a bridge.