Wednesday Night Live

Wednesday Night Live! 

A great Family night fellowship experience begins each Wednesday with Wednesday Night Live! It begins at 5:30 pm with a short blessing/devotion and a great meal in the Family Life Center until 6:15 ish pm. Afterwards, the children, youth and adults go to separate studies and activities from 6:30 until 7:30 pm. Wednesday Night Live is from Labor Day until May.

Nursery is available for children age 0-3. 

Some of the classes we will be offering include “Fear of the Other,” a book study led by Rob Hogarth and an evening prayer service that focuses on worship, prayer, and meditation. The full schedule and detailed class descriptions will be available soon. In the meantime if you have questions, please contact Pastor Eric,

FEAR OF THE OTHER * In this class based on the no-nonsense book by Bishop Will Willimon, you will be invited to consider the gospel command to love (and not merely tolerate) those considered to be “Other” or outside mainstream Christian culture. Rooted in the faith of Israel and the Christian story and vision, Willimon brings a Wesleyan perspective to bear on what may be the hardest thing for people of faith to do: keeping and loving the "Other" as they are, without any need for them to become like us. This class will be led by Rob Hogarth on Wednesday evenings.

WEDNESDAY VESPERS * One of the classes for Wednesday evenings in the fall will actually not be a class at all. Instead it will be a focused time of worship, prayer, and meditation from 6:30-7:20 during the normal WNL class time. The word “vespers” comes from the Latin word meaning “evening.” In the Christian tradition, Vespers has come to mean a service of evening prayer whether it be sung by choirs in medieval cathedrals, said by small groups gathered in homes, or recited by individuals seeking to be faithful in prayer. The focus with the Vespers service will not be on “learning” how to pray but rather to actively participate in the spiritual practices that allow us to connect with God. We hope that this will be a transformative and renewing time in the middle of the week to focus on God and to be empowered by God’s grace.