Durham Crop Walk  2017  

Aldersgate UMC

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The Greated Durham CropWalk is April 2nd - 

and we want YOU to join us!!   

People ask, “We have been walking for 40 +years, have we made any inroads on hunger?” The answer is “Yes!”

Over the last 50 years, the worst kind of hunger, the kind that leads to starvation, has actually been reduced by 50%! We continue to address the 50% still in need – but also to tackle the other kinds of hunger (e.g. malnutrition, food insecurity, etc.). We’re doing this AND we’ve increased our efforts- and successes – at teaching communities in need about and helping development of hunger-and-water-related mitigation strategies like earthen water filtration dams, innovative water direction programs, amenable crop teaching, and more!! 

To continue God's work - we still need you to do your part. So come join your fellow Aldersgaters in our goal of having no person hungry! As we are instructed in the book of Micah,help us “walk rightly with the Lord”!! Join us on April 2nd!! Click on any photo above to make a donation