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Aldersgate Missions - Guatemala


Guatemala Sewing Machine Project - 2000

     In November of 2000 a delegation from the Church of Reconciliation (Presbyterian) in Chapel Hill arrived in Oscuncalco, Guatemala at the Mam Center. Those going were Dr. Bill Peck (minister), Kip Gerrard and John Hartwell. With them was a check from Aldersgate to purchase four sewing machines in memory of Fran Lyndon. Fran was a warm and loving person and a dedicated member of Aldersgate whose life was shortened by cancer.

Dr.Peck with photo of Fran

Dr. Peck presented the check to Rosario Diaz, the organizer of the women's work and sewing machine project at the center, and to the sewing machine instructor. He also had a photo of Fran that he shared with all of the women at the center. A class was in session so all of the women were able to participate in this joyous occasion. These sewing machines provide a life time income to these women rather than a one time hand out
Dr. Peck leads deidication service. Afterwards a service was held in the Sue Smith Memorial Garden in the courtyard of the center. There Dr. Peck spoke about Fran Lyndon and the generosity of those at Aldersgate who had given the sewing machines in her memory. He then read the 23rd Psalm and gave a prayer of thanksgiving, thanking God for Fran and for the care and love of the Mam people.



Tribute to Fran Lyndon

(Published in October 2000 Aldersgate's Experiences)

Four new sewing machines will soon be on the way to the highlands of Guatemala as part of Aldersgate United Methodist Church Sewing Machine Project.

This year the sewing machines are being given in loving memory of Fran Lyndon. Fran passed into heaven on February 21, 2000, after a courageous five month battle against cancer.

Fran was a warm and loving person who touched the lives of those who knew her. She was very active in the life of this church and served on various church committees including the Administrative Board, the Staff-Parish Relations Committee and the Joel Committee. Fran was treasurer of the United Methodist Women and the past president and secretary of the Susanna Wesley Circle.

For 6 years Fran served as co-chair of the Aldersgate CROP Walk and she also served as a volunteer with the Duke Children's Classic. Fran was instrumental in the design and completion of the new Family Life Center. She prepared and delivered meals to shut-ins, the Night Shelter and the ACRA House.

Fran also spent much of her time working on the Mission Board where she always supported foreign missions and was especially supportive of the Guatemala Sewing Machine Project.

The four sewing machines are being purchased from donations from the Mission Yard Sale, the United Methodist Women Plant Sale, the Susanna Wesley Circle and Fran's husband, Joe Lyndon.

A service will be held in Guatemala to dedicate these sewing machines from Aldersgate and in memory of Fran. A picture of Fran is also being sent. The memory of Fran Lyndon will continue to live on among us here, but her memory will also live on in the hearts and minds of the poor of Guatemala.

Fran Lyndon with her pet Maine Coon, Princess Leia

Photo of Fran that was taken to Guatemala





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