An Illustrated Compassion "Learning to Love like GOD"

We will use a new curriculum for our elementary class during the summer. It shares some rich Biblical content featuring some creative artwork and coloring projects for the children. Lessons will be split into 3 modules as shown below, all focusing on our God who is “gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.”

Module 1 – Compassion in the Hebrew Scriptures: Many of you may have heard something like this before: “The God of the Hebrew Scriptures doesn’t feel like a very compassionate God….” And yet, the Hebrew Scriptures are filled with stories about the compassion that God has for God’s creation and humanity, and the ways in which God wants us to live compassionate lives. Our first module, Compassion in the Hebrew Scriptures shares with children those stories.

Module 2 – Compassion in the New Testament: Module 2 is Compassion in the New Testament, and we spend time in the Gospels and see how Jesus had compassion on his disciples and followers through a variety of different methods, including healing them.

Module 3 – Living a Compassionate Life: Finally, Module 3 is Living a Compassionate Life and will take us to a place of thinking more about the different ways God shows compassion (both in the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament) and the ways in which God’s people throughout scripture have shared compassion with others. This will then lead to a conversation that will help these children begin to think about how they can be more compassionate in the world.


January 21, 4 pm in the Wesley Room

Confirmation is an opportunity for students 7th grade and older to grow in their faith, learn more about God, profess their faith in Jesus, and make a commitment to the church. We will hold an information session on January 21 at 4 pm for interested youth and parents. We are still finalizing the full schedule for Confirmation. Class sessions will most likely be held on Sunday afternoons before youth group, though we will find the time that works best for all participants.  We are also looking for adult mentors to join us in this journey. For more information or to register, please contact Pastor Eric,

If you have questions about Confirmation or would like to be part of the class as a student, teacher, or mentor, please contact Eric Prenshaw (

In Christ,

Eric Prenshaw

Pastor of Christian Formation

Wednesday Night Live for Kids ! 

Wednesdays from 6:30 – 7:30 pm * Music and Arts explorations each week!  

Wednesdays from 6:30 – 7:30 pm; Music and Arts explorations each week!  For: Age 4 (Pre-K)-5th graders. Led by: Nan de Andrade, assistants and varied Worship Artists from our own congregation! Assistants are needed to simply add more love and care for the children as they learn. Please contact Nan if you’d like to hang out with these beautiful little people!

Our children led us in very special ways this season, and we thank them for their talents and time! P.S. If you practice a worship art (if you do it and it draws you to God, it’s a worship art!) that you could share with the children for a few weeks, please contact Nan!


DANCE FOR JOY! If you’d like to join in the next time we set up a session, please let us know.

Sacred Dancers (Youth) – 

Young Dancers (2nd – 5th graders)– 

Contact Jordan at or Rev. Nan de Andrade at to find out more.


2-3 year old: Charlotte O’Brien

PreK-K: Evelyn Johnson

1st-2nd grade: Lara Rowland

3rd-5th grade: Sandra Reynolds


Feb 4: Jesus Walks on Water, John 6:16-25


Feb 11: The Four Friends, Mark 2:1-12


Feb 18: Jesus Calms the Storm, Mark 4:35-41


Feb 25: Jairus's Daughter, Mark 5:21-24, 35-43