JULY 10th-14th

The Rock Slinger & His Greatest Hit!       


Three thousand years ago, a shepherd boy faced an overwhelming enemy on a battlefield, armed only with a sling, a staff, and a courageous faith in God. The message, thirty centuries later, is still fresh: Though we may tremble in our weakness, there is no darkness that God cannot overcome.

A wonderful story for people of all ages. 

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Confirmation is an important opportunity in the lives of our youth. In the United Methodist Church, we baptize infants and welcome young children into the family of faith. Confirmation is an opportunity for those who were baptized as infants or those who have never been baptized to make a profession of faith on their own. We are all called to make an individual commitment of faith in Jesus and claim for ourselves all the promises He gives us. Confirmation is an intentional period of discipleship where youth can learn what it means to follow Jesus and commit their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness to the church. Confirmation is a deeply valuable experience and vital for helping our young people know what they believe, why they believe it, and be able to tell others as well.

At Aldersgate UMC, we are committed to providing this experience for every young person who is part of our church. Of course, this is an experience that requires some commitment and dedication on the part of parents and youth as well. Faithful worship attendance, scripture readings, mentoring conversations, service requirements, and class participation are all vital elements of a successful Confirmation experience. As I have worked with youth in the church, one of my favorite days and proudest moments is when we can see them stand before the church and claim their faith in Jesus and express their commitment to following Him.

I wanted to take a moment to update you on the process for Confirmation at Aldersgate. As a staff we have had many conversations about the best way to guide youth through the Confirmation process. We have reflected on previous Confirmation experiences, learned about the best practices shared by other Confirmation leaders, and considered the state of adolescent development today. 

Considering all of this, we believe that Confirmation is best undertaken in the 7th grade. At this time, the students have already managed the difficult transitions of 6th grade and they will be better able to understand and apply what we teach due to their mental, emotional, and spiritual development at this age. In order to get there though, this means that we will not be holding Confirmation this year for our current 6th graders. While it may be difficult to wait a year, in the long run we believe it will have the biggest impact in their spiritual lives.

We are already making plans for our upcoming Confirmation class. We wanted to share with you that we will hold an information session in the late summer and early fall of 2017 to go over the Confirmation process and class schedule. The reason we are not having a class this spring is not because we see Confirmation as unimportant. Rather, we see Confirmation as so vitally important that we have to structure and plan the class that takes into account everything we know about the best teaching practices and the world our teenagers are experiencing.

If you have questions about Confirmation or would like to be part of the class as a student, teacher, or mentor, please contact Eric Prenshaw (

In Christ,

Eric Prenshaw

Director of Christian Formation


June 19-23rd Chestnut Ridge Camp

June 26-30th Vacation Bible School

Wednesday Night Live for Kids ! 

Masterpieces Choir


DANCE FOR JOY! Their session is in progress. If you’d like to join in the next time we set up a session, please let us know.

Sacred Dancers (Youth) – 

Young Dancers (2nd – 5th graders)– 

Contact Jordan at or Rev. Nan de Andrade at to find out more.

Summer Sunday School

Children’s Summer Sunday School

Combined classes: Preschool and Elementary . 

From June 11 through August 20 we will offer two children’s classes. 

Our Preschool class will be for 2 year olds through rising Kindergarten. They will study our usual Deep Blue Curriculum. Our elementary class will be for rising 1st-5th graders. They will use a new curriculum called Illustrated Compassion: Learning to Love Like God  


2-3 year old: Charlotte O’Brien

PreK-K: Evelyn Johnson

1st-2nd grade: Lara Rowland

3rd-5th grade: Sandra Reynolds


Promotion Sunday & Summer Sunday School

On June 11th, all grade levels for Sunday School will move up. Current 2nd graders will graduate up to 3rd grade. Current 5th graders will graduate to 6th grade and attend the middle school class, and etc.  

Since we are combining children’s Sunday School classes for the summer this will not effect where you attend class unless your child is a 2 year old ready to join the Sunday School program, a Kindergarten student moving up to the elementary level in 1st grade, or a 5th grader moving to the middle school class.


Through our connection with Camp Chestnut Ridge, we are able to offer a discounted registration rate for summer camp the week of June 19th - 23rd, 2017. Simply register for week 2 and enter the code “Aldersgate.” Please see the note below regarding transportation.

Transportation: We are able to offer 13 spaces on our bus for transportation to Chestnut Ridge and back from the church. Cost is $25 for the week. Priority is offered first to AUMC members through Jan 31st. On February 1, any remaining spots will be opened to Week Day School families. Email to reserve your spot (if available). No other transportation will be offered from Aldersgate UMC.