The Men's Tuesday Morning Bible Study (TMBC) group will begin the new year with a new study. Beginning Tuesday, January 2, 2018,  we will look at grace in the scriptures of the Old Testament, using a book by J. Ellsworth Kalas titled

 "Grace in a Tree Stump: Old Testament Stories of God's Love". 


Christians often assume too sharp a distinction between the Old and New Testaments, argues preacher, author, and teacher J. Ellsworth Kalas. They are too quick to view the Old Testament a strict book of laws and commandments and the New Testament as a witness to grace. The  God of the Old Testament is misperceived as a God of wrath and judgment, while the God of the New Testament is viewed as a God of love and mercy.


Using stories from the Old Testament, Kalas helps the reader see that grace has always been part  of the character of God and that the Old Testament demonstrates that fact in a variety of ways. The character of God, has not changed, says Kalas. It has always been grace-filled.  


One of the comments about this book from Amazon: "If you enjoy Bible stories, you'll love Kalas's wonderfully witty yet incisive style of presenting the often-overlooked "twist" on a familiar subject. This book was not only fun to read but made me stop and think twice about stories I thought I knew quite well."


Please join us for biscuits, coffee, fellowship, and a time of learning together as we explore the Scriptures and how they relate to our discipleship journey. Our study begins on Tuesday, January 2 at 6:30 am in the Wesley room. You may pick up a book on Sunday, December 31 from the table outside the church office. Questions? Contact John Hall at jahall@nc.rr.com.


Covenant Bible Study * Starting Sunday evenings,5:30-7:00 pm

Covenant is an in-depth group Bible study in which participants read and discuss the Bible together, learning how to love God—and each other—better. Three 8-episode segments each explore a different aspect of Covenant life. Each will examine what Covenant means and the progression of a Covenant relationship with God.